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TradeRush Review


Broker Name: TradeRush
Regulation: CySEC
Bonus: Up To $5,000
Payment Options: Credit/Debit Cards, Wire Transfer, Liberty Reserve and Moneybookers (Skrill)
US Traders Accepted: Yes


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TradeRush is a binary options trading platform that was founded in 2011 with its headquarters in Cyprus. This binary options broker offers a number of features and one that sets it apart is the indication, as regards the time left to trade, that it provides above the payout specified for the asset being traded. TradeRush makes available varied assets in currencies, stocks, indices and commodities for trade in binary options with expiry periods ranging from sixty seconds to six months. The total number of assets offered by TradeRush is around 100 for trading European two-way options. Traders can earn as much as 81% for certain trades on the platform. The aim of this TradeRush review is to highlight the features of the platform and other aspects related to binary options trading to the readers so that they can make an informed decision.

TradeRush Review – Features

60 Second Trading

This feature offered by the binary options platform is one of the exciting ways available for trade. This is because traders can receive up to 81% profit. However, it is very important that the traders employ a well-planned strategy to manage so that they don’t over trade their capital.

OneTouch Trading

OneTouch feature enables traders to make lots of money, up to 500% on their investment, as it is more challenging in terms of making predictions. The price of the asset has to just reach the set level. The concept is best explained with an example. Imagine that the EUR/USD pair closed at 1.35130 on Friday. The TradeRush will then offer two options to the trader:

Call option: The EUR/USD pair will rise to 1.38130 in the succeeding week at least once.
Put option: The EUR/USD pair will fall to 1.32130 in the succeeding week at least once.

The cut off time for reaching the target price is 17:00 hours GMT. TradeRush follows Reuters data and transfers the payout by the option expiry date on Friday 20:00 hours GMT, even if the terms have been satisfied prior to the expiration time.

Double Up

When a trade is about to expire, the trader realizes that the direction that he/she has predicted is on a roll. The trader can then choose to click on Double Up in order to generate a new trade on the same conditions at the asset’s current price. In short, traders can double their profits when the market looks good. Thus, the Double Up feature helps traders to increase their open position investment and double their profit by the expiration time and capitalizing on a position that is strong.


This feature offers a strategy to reduce losses in a trade. The trader can postpone the expiry of his/her option. The trader can activate rollover when he/she determines that his/her prediction is likely to be off target by the ensuing expiry date. This offers the trader an opportunity to close the trade in-the-money. Rollover will be available till 10 minutes prior to expiry of the option. Rollover can be applied only once for each specific option.

TradeRush Trading Platform review

TradeRush Review – Option Types
High/ Low Options – the standard Call/Put option offers a wide range of asset classes as well as attractive pricing.OneTouch – These options are available for weekly expiries.Option Builder – Traders can use this platform to build their own option. They can set their own expiry time as well as strike rates.60 Second Options

TradeRush Review – Types of Accounts

TradeRush offers five different types of accounts that can be accessed based on the amount deposited. It starts with the Mini Account and goes up to the Platinum Account. The features and bonuses offered for each account are different. Higher accounts enjoy risk free trades, same day withdrawals and higher deposit bonuses.

TradeRush Review – Deposits

A trader can open his/her account using USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY or CAD. However, the currency cannot be changed once the registration is completed. The minimum amount to be deposited is USD 200, EUR 200, GBP 200, AUD 200 or CAD 200. TradeRush accepts major credit cards such as Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners, etc.; wire transfers, Maestro debit cards, MoneyBookers and Liberty Reserve.

TradeRush Review – Withdrawals

Traders can withdraw money from their accounts through the chosen deposit method credit card, Liberty Reserve, wire transfer, MoneyBookers, etc. The withdrawal request can be sent by email to support@traderush.com or from the My Account section. The maximum that the traders withdraw should not be more than the amount invested. However, additional funds may be withdrawn through wire transfer. The minimum withdrawal amount specified is 30 USD through credit cards, MoneyBookers, and Liberty Reserve; and 100 USD through wire transfer. A trader’s first withdrawal in a month is free. For each subsequent withdrawal, there is a charge of $30.

TradeRush Review – Security

The TradeRush binary options broker makes use of the SSL security system that is internationally accepted to encrypt all payments over the web through credit card.

TradeRush Review – Customer Service

Customer support is offered by TradeRush through email, chat and by phone for local phone number in the US as well as Canada for six days in a week. Their representatives in GMT time zone can be contacted on Sunday between 8 am and 7 pm and Monday through Fridays between 8 am and 1:00 am.

TradeRush Review – Pros
They offer a range of binary options for trading and particularly the options that expire in 60 seconds.The payouts offered can be as high as 81%.They offer a wide range of platforms for trading which includes Option Builder, Option Pro, OneTouch, 60 Seconds and mobile trading.In-the-money profit range is 65% to 81% and pay back range for out-of-the-money option expiry is 0 to 10%.

TradeRush Review – Cons
Customer support is currently being offered only in English which may create hassles for some traders.Only high level account holders are provided the best features.TradeRush does not offer a demo account which is a disadvantage especially for beginners in binary options trading. The TradeRush website has a 3-minute video which provides a comprehensive overview of the working of the binary options trading platform.
TradeRush Review – Final Thoughts

Overall, the TradeRush binary options platform strives to provide a great binary trading experience. They offer several trading options that cater to the needs of binary options traders who have different asset preferences and who employ varied trading styles. Further, the payout levels offered by them tend to be on the higher end when the industry standards are taken into consideration.

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